Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Content is king and Relevancy is Queen in SEO, having said that let’s come to the point. The first major thing which you should remember when optimizing your website is to look into the content. What your content says about your website? Are your content relevant to your pages? There is nothing worse for a website which is badly written and which don’t have any relevancy.

Your content should be keyword rich means you should put your main keywords in your content which web surfers search using search engines. Maintain the balance between the graphic and content in your website. Your website should not be overloaded with graphics and make sure you focus yourself on the content more which will ultimately grab the attention of visitors.

Next comes the keyword density. You should be careful while putting keywords relating to the text or sub-text. Look at the theme of your website and put try to put those keywords which users are actually finding in search engines. As content is written for the site, be very conscious of the amount of keywords used in the text. This is known as keyword density; it is calculated by dividing the number of number of instances of the word by the total number of words in the text, and multiplying by 100. And remember to maintain it around the 15 – 20% mark. You will now have a truly optimized site and the next thing is to accumulate as many links as you can for your website using off page optimization which includes directory submissions and reciprocal link building.

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Search Engine Optimization