Frequent Errors in the Optimization for Search Engines

The most usual errors in web optimization refer to the following aspects
Ignore of ‘Title’ tags
It is one of the most frequent errors committed, with a direct negative effect upon the positioning of your site in a search engine. Most of search engines consider the ‘title’ tag very important because the information entered here is the one that is presented. Therefore try to enter in the title the keywords which you consider to have the biggest relevance for your site.
Irrelevant keywords
A certain category of webmasters use irrelevant keywords which are meant to increase the traffic on site. If you want to develop an on-line business, the key words that you use must be representative for the domain of of your activity.
This is a method deprived of ethics through which the same keywords are repeatedly used in the “title” tag, the meta tags and in the content. This method is used in order to improve the position of a site in an artificial way, but the search engines detect these techniques and diminish the ranking of those sites. Therefore, do not use too many keywords.
Text and invisible links
This is a method through which it is tried the misleading of the search engines. Web pages are loaded by links and keywords which are hidden to the user but visible for search engines. The problem is that these have now the capacity to detect this technique and its utilization leads without any exception to the exclusion of your site.
Links to and from useless sites
It is known the fact that a high number of links that lead to your site increase its importance for search engines. Though, not every link that leads to your site helps you. Try always to obtain links only from sites that have a good ranking.
Errors as a part of the HTML code
If your site presents errors in the html code it will not be well ranked by the search engines even if it has an optimized content .The loading speed will be small and there will be incompatibilities with certain internet browsers. The best way to avoid this situation is the html code validation before subscribing the site in search engines.
The utilization of un-canonical URLs
During the optimization process make sure that every URL of the page that follows is canonic. This will have a positive influence upon the visibility of your site in a search engine.
The excessive graphic in a page
The way through which search engines are reading your site resembles with that of a text browser. A huge amount of graphic does not lead to a good site positioning. It will negatively influence the download speed of the site and will not attract the visitors. Try to use content with many key words instead of a great number of images. Also, use ALT text in order to describe the used images.

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