The 5th C of Email Management: Continuance

Building an email list doesn’t usually happen overnight. It takes consistent effort on your part. OK, let’s face it – it takes work.

The work can be fun, but work it is. Consistent effort.

So, once you have developed a list of people who are interested in who you are and what you have to offer, you want them to stick around!

You don’t want a bunch of tire-kickers… just ho-hum followers who never read or buy anything from you, but are too lazy even to click the unsubscribe button!

You want raving fans!

People whose needs are so well matched to your products and services that they want everything you produce. The perfect win-win.

Seven Secrets to Creating Your Own Raving Fans

Here are some no or low-cost techniques you might incorporate into your business relationship with your prospects and customers. They may not all be perfect for your market and business, but some of them will work great.

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