The 4th C of Email Management: Conversion

When you are building a business on the internet, it is all about Conversion. And I’m not just talking about sales conversion. There is so much more you need to consider.

Develop Your Pyramid of Profitability

You will need to be effective at conversion everywhere along the line if you want to move people up your pyramid of profitability.

You’ll want to convert at the following places:

The good news is that you can accomplish most of these steps automatically, using your autoresponder and integrated systems.

And here, an integrated autoresponder/shopping cart can be your best friend.

You can program your automated systems to basically be your well-trained sales force. And you can have your BEST salesperson operating for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

14+ Conversion Steps that You Can Automate

Imagine for a moment the power of setting up automated systems that will do all of this for you.

You create the email sequences once, set up the products, and the system manages it from there.

Now your job is to get people into the beginning of the sequence … to opt in to your list. Then the system takes over and moves people through your sequence.

Be More Efficient, More Effective and Have More Free Time

If you are a busy entrepreneur who has difficulty finding the time to do everything you need to do within your business, you probably are already realizing how this system makes total sense.

Because if you don’t have to spend your valuable time on numbers 1-14, you have time to do the things that will bring you new visitors. That will build your list.

And you will even have the time and freedom to spend quality time with your family and friends!

And aren’t having quality time and freedom some of the main reasons you want to have an online business in the first place?


Start becoming more efficient now. To get started sooner instead of later, you’ll want to check out for ideas on maximizing your list-building efforts to create Money on Demand.

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