Some low cost ways to market your site.

Here are some marketing resources for your site.

If you need more visitors but don’t have an advertising budget with five
zeros, Then you might want to try some of these marketing tips.

  • Linkup Discussion Group is a mailing list for people keen on getting
    reciprocal links with other sites. You tell the list something about your site
    and describe the sort of links you are interested in providing. This is a great
    way to get noticed because links are one of the best advertising methods on the
    net. To subscribe to LinkUp, send a blank e-mail toListServer@CommerceStreet.comwith
    the message: Subscribe LinkUp

  • You’ll have to be pretty good to get a mention in
    Netscapes What’s New, which has people looking through
    hundreds of new sites and writing reviews.The
    is similar. It has aform where you can submit your site for consideration.

  • Net
    Everyone is invited to post articles about information, events,
    new sites, updates, and announcements, but not every article is published in
    Net-Announce. To make sure your article is appropriate for Net-Announce, please
    read theguidelines BEFORE posting if you are not already
    familiar with NetAnnounce. They also have a the twice-weekly newsletter, and
    it’s also free.

  • Net
    The goal of Net-happenings is to distribute announcements about
    Internet resources to network users and providers, and especially to the K-12
    community. It is meant to be comprehensive, therefore postings number between
    40-60 per day, and are available via an E-mail distribution list in individual
    or digest (cumulative) format. This Internic-sponsored site is a good place to
    post announcements after your site is well polished.

  • The Weekly
    The Weekly Bookmark is a site designed to inform and entertain the
    Internet community. What’s New and Newsworthy on the Web? Find out every week
    in The Weekly Bookmark newsletter. You’ll find reviews of new and informative
    web sites in over 15 categories. Subscribe or submit your site for publication.

  • What’s New What’s
    New provides you with all the tools you need to stay current with the
    break-neck speed of development on the web. You can run a search by category to
    find the newest web sites featuring content in areas that interest you. You can
    submit your site for listing in the original directory of the latest and
    greatest. And, exclusive to What’s New, you can subscribe to receive weekly
    bulletins by e-mail of the new web sites in your interest areas. All free, all
    from What’s New!

Banner Exchange

A banner exchange is a program where web page owners make a banner and
trade it with other web sites. They promise to show other peoples banners on
their site as long as other people show his/her banner on their site.

There are a lot of different banner exchange programs to choose from,
and we’ve compiled a list of (in our opinion) some of the best ones out

Here are the following features about each banner exchange service:

  • Name – the name of the company providing the service.

  • Ratio – the ratio of impressions you receive for every banner
    you show on your site (i.e. 2:1 would mean that for every 2 banners you show on
    your site, 1 of your banners get’s shown on someone elses site).

  • Banner Size – the height and width (in pixels) of the banner
    you can submit.

  • File Size – the file size (in kilobytes) of the banner you can

Ratio: 2:1
Banner Size:
File Size: 9k

Name:Narrow CastMedia
Ratio: 2:1
Banner Size:
File Size: 12k

Ratio: 2:1
Banner Size:
File Size: 10k

Ratio: 2:1
Banner Size:
File Size: 7k

Ratio: 2:1
Banner Size:
File Size: 7k

Name:Web Linker BannerExchange
Ratio: 2:1
File Size: 8k

Ratio: 2:1
Banner Size: 400×40

File Size: 15k

Ratio: 2:1
Banner Size: 400×50

File Size: 8k


Ratio: 2:1
Banner Size: 468×60


Ratio: Unlimited Free Credits
Banner Size:
File Size: 10k

Ratio: 10:7
Banner Size:
File Size: 7k

If you do decide to use a banner exchange program, we suggest that you
check out LinkExchange or Narrow Cast Media first. LinkExchange has the most
members and Narrow Cast Media seems to be the most targeted.

Note: It’s tempting to stick as many banners on your page as
possible, but don’t. Keep it to a maximum of 3 to each page (that’s maximum,
less is better). The more banner exchange programs you use, the slower your
page loads and the less professional your site will look.