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7 Ways to Know that Search Engine Optimization Isn’t for You

Truth be told, search engine optimization (SEO) may not be for you.

Regardless of the product or service and company size, SEO just may not be something you can handle – at least for now. If you fall into one… Continue reading

Website Terms and Conditions – Do You Really Need Them?

For some mysterious historical reason, the contract between the operator of a website and its customers long ago became known as the “terms and conditions” of the site and back in those days (the Wild, Wild West of the 1990s),… Continue reading

Image Optimization for Maximum SEO Impact

Images are great for a website. They can add to the overall look, appeal, and effectiveness of your site. Images may be necessary if you are selling a product. There are many reasons to use images on your website, but… Continue reading

Color and Graphic Design

Color and Graphic Design by CMYKreative

What Is Color?

In 1666, English scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when pure white light is passed through a prism, it separates into all of the visible colors. Newton also found that each… Continue reading

Changing one single Onpage optimization factor can really boost your rankings

The first thing we need to do is select a page Title for our website. The page title should: Include ONLY our main keywords. The least amount of words you can place in the title, the more weight Google will… Continue reading

Self-taught Php/mysql: a Simple Page Counter Tutorial

Self-Taught PHP/MYSQL: a simple Page Counter

This article is a short introduction to PHP and MySQL using the example of a simple page counter. I will illustrate creating the database in MySQL, connecting to the database from the PHP script,… Continue reading

Making Better Web Graphics That Grab your Attention and Load Fast

Is it possible to create quality web graphics that grabs attention and load fast at the same time? take a look at the illustration samples at our site and see what I talking about

Understanding the basics of GIF and… Continue reading

What is Mysql and Does your Business Need It?

What is MySQL?

First released in May 23, 1995, MySQL is an open source database software. It is part of a large and growing family of open source software including Linux, Apache, and programming languages PHP and Perl. However, unlike… Continue reading

The 5 C’s of Email Management & Integrated Marketing

Author: Deb LaQua

Effective and efficient use of your email management system goes way beyond simply building a list of prospects.

If you choose the right autoresponder system and plan for business growth, you can automate five key aspects of… Continue reading

Article Marketing – Using Your Articles For Market Research

One of the many benefits of writing lots of articles instead of just five or ten is that when you have enough of them out there, they not only build awareness and your list, they also provide valuable market research.… Continue reading

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