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Ebook Marketing: Ebook Seller Should Create a Website for Launching the Ebook!

However, a writer or a publisher, or whoever wants to make a profit from his ebook needs to know some basic principles before selling ebooks. A person should know that to be a successful ebook seller one needs to have… Continue reading

Seo – How Fonts And Graphics Sabotage Seo

Creating a search engine optimized web site can be confusing. On one hand you have web site designers telling you to include more eye candy on your site in the form of attractive fonts, animations and graphics. On the other… Continue reading

How to Design an Effective Web Site

1. Introduction

A web-site can be a very handy and useful tool to almost anybody these days. Before one begins to design or build a web-site it is very important to understand your reason for building a web-site. Websites are… Continue reading

Common Web Design Issues – Graphics

While we all want great looking web sites, we also want web sites that folks can get to quickly (page load times) and look good. You really need to pay attention to the graphics that you use. I will outline… Continue reading

The Best Open Source Scripts on Php/mysql

Here are the best open source scripts that are top rated by users.They are categorized into different category as CMS(Content management system) or called as portals,Blogs,ecommerce,groupware,forums,elearning,image galleries,wiki and many more.

We have produced the 3 top ranked listing in each… Continue reading

Why Learn PHP and MySQL?

PHP today is the most widely used back-end programming language used on the Web. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open source language, which effectively means it is free to use, it’s very well supported with tons… Continue reading

Is Your SaaS Agreement The Only Website Legal Document You Need?

Copyright © 2009 Chip Cooper

I’m often asked questions about SaaS (Software as a Service) agreements. What I have to prompt SaaS webmasters to ask is – “Is my SaaS agreement the only website legal document I need?”

To most… Continue reading

Top the Ten Reasons for Learning Damn Small Linux – Number 5, Linux, Apache, and Mysql

Linux and Windows share many characteristics. For example, most people have little interest in knowing how they work. These operating systems make the computer available for the applications that people want to apply; such as running an Internet server, browsing… Continue reading

How To Avoid Legal Trouble From Trademark Infringement When You Buy A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name isn't really rocket science but it is very important. You want to choose something that is as short as possible, easy to pronounce and remember for marketing purposes, and if at all possible you want to get your main keywords in the domain name. All that aside, you also have to be careful that you don't step on the toes of a person or company who may be inclined to sue you. Continue reading

Master Effective MySQL Management with New phpMyAdmin Book

Packt is pleased to announce a new book that provides a step-by-step tutorial for phpMyAdmin, explaining and demonstrating the potential of this tool with clear instructions and screenshots. Written by Marc Delisle, a member of the MySQL Developers Guild, Mastering… Continue reading

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