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Why is my Subdomain not showing up?

The most common cause is that you have deleted the directory which serves as the Document Root for the sub- domain. Continue reading

Is there a extra fee for parking domains

Is there a extra fee for parking or pointing domains to my site?

No, you are allowed to park as many domains as your hosting plan allows for free. If you need to park more domains than it allows, then you will need to upgrade to a larger hosting plan. Continue reading

What is a domain name pointer?

A domain name pointer is a domain name which simply points to your account, this is often called Parking a domain. Continue reading

Can my site be viewed with or without the WWW

Yes, you can access your website at www.domain or just domain, both of which are the same website. Continue reading

Who is responsible for transferring my domain?

In most cases you are responsible for having your domain name transfered to our Domain Name Servers (DNS). Continue reading

Changing index search order

The following will override default search order for an index file in a directory. Continue reading

.htaccess Description

The .htaccess file provides many things you can configure for your site. Many of these can be accomplished using the tools in your control panel. Continue reading

Using Frontpage

A brief outline on how to use Frontpage with your site. Continue reading

HTML Email Tags

Tags that you can use for email on your HTML pages. We do recommend using a form for feedback from your site, as email addresses are routinely harvested from web pages by spam mongers. Continue reading

HTML Color Codes

This chart shows the basic HTML colors and associated codes. Continue reading

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