Sticky: Managing Spam via IMAP

If you have configured your account to filter spam to a spam mailbox or use the spambox feature available in your control panel, there are often times when you wish to move valid email to your inbox, or just delete all the spam without logging into webmail or use a full imap compatible email program. Also using webmail or an email program can make it difficult to determine who’s mailboxes are taking up how much space etc.

We highly recommend a free product called IMAPSize that we have recently found that allows you to manage your email accounts via IMAP. It has a lot of features that make it very easy for your site administrator, or even a single user.

  • Display of all mailboxes in an account with visual alerts for the most space consuming mailboxes
  • Convenient storage quota display
  • Powerful search capabilities on single or multiple mailboxes
  • Delete attachments (all or individual) without downloading them
  • Save attachments locally from multiple messages (BETA)
  • Mailbox management (expunge, create, delete, rename)
  • Message management (change flags, copy, move, delete, etc)
  • Manage folder subscriptions
  • Modify message headers
  • Copy messages from one IMAP account to another
  • Perform incremental backups of multiple folders in your IMAP account
  • Perform incremental backups of the whole account
  • Replicate IMAP folder hierarchy to your local drive
  • Download/upload messages to/from mbox and eml files
  • eml2mbox conversion
  • mbox2eml conversion. This can be extremely useful in the process of moving messages from Thunderbird to Outlook. Here’s how.
  • Spam handles which provide a basis for visual alerts on spam messages
  • SSL connections
  • Minimizes bandwidth consumption wherever possible
  • Keyboard friendly – you can perform almost all operations without using the mouse

You can download the program here: [download id=”10″]