How to transfer files using FTP

NOTE: You can also upload files via yourcontrol panel, go to “FILE MANAGER” and follow the prompts.

Make sure all files for your site are loaded under the “public_html” area. For example, when you log-in to your control panel, and click on “file manager” you will need to enter the folder labeled “public_html” and then upload your files. If you look at the bottom of that page, their is a form to browse and choose the file you wish to use and then an upload button to put it on the server.

To Use FTP – First you will need an FTP Program to upload your files to your account. There are several available on the net for free. We will use WS/FTP by Ipswitch for this example. Another popular FTP program is CuteFTP.

Got your FTP program? Great, now open it up. If you are using WS/FTP you will see a sessions property window (users of CuteFTP will be asked for the same information just in different places in the program.. sorry you will need to find this yourself).
Below is what you are asked for and what you need to enter:
A.) Profile Name: Optional… anything from your web site name to Bob Smith, you choose.

B.) Host Name/Address: Enter your ftp server address here.
(your domain being the domain name you registered)

If your domain is not pointing to our server yet you must use your I.P. address which was on your welcome e-mail and is also located on the left side of your online control panel. When you use your I.P. address, simply type it under the Host Name/Address section alone. (you will not need ftp. or .com if you use your I.P. address)

C.) Host Type: Leave it on auto detect.

D.) UserID: You chose this during the sign-up process. This has also been sent to you in your welcome e-mail. It is the same username you use to access this page. It should be entered as:
your user name (no spaces)

E.) Password: This has also been sent in your welcome letter. Please be aware that the password is case sensitive. You used this to access this page as well.

Got it all filled out? Now, Click on connect. It should log you into your main directory.

On the left are the files in your hard drive. Double Clicking one of those files will upload it into your web space. To start with, browse to the folder on your hard drive that has your web site. (Clicking the arrow at the top of that screen will move you up a /dir – double clicking on a /dir will move you into that /dir.)

Next look on the right side, and you will see some folders. Double click on the folder labeled “WWW”. This is where all your public web site files and pages should be located.

On your right you are now seeing your account. Our server recognizes file formats by extension. This means a client retrieving a file named .htm or .html will be told it is in HTML format. Make sure that you have the proper extensions when uploading your files. Your main page should be named “index.htm” or “index.html”

You should upload graphic files (such as .jpg or .gif files) in ‘Binary’ mode with FTP, and HTML or scripts in ‘Ascii’ mode in order to ensure that there are no extraneous ‘control’ characters in your scripts or pages. WS/FTP has a checkbox near the center which allows you to choose automatic. This will make the WS/FTP use the correct mode each time.

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