IP Deny

The IP Deny manager allows you to block particular IP addresses from accessing your site.

This is particularly useful if you notice someone abusing your site from the same IP address or address range.

You do want to use caution when blocking IP addresses, for example if you enter one of AOL’s IP addresses you could potentially block visitors from AOL.

To Block an IP Address

For example you notice in your log files that one IP address is attempting to hack your formmail script to send spam from your domain, and that IP address is you could then enter that IP address in the Add an IP Deny box and click the Add button.

You can also block an entire range of IP addresses. For example if you notice that there are hack attempts to your site and the IP address varies but the first three numbers are always 207.207.207. you could put 207.207.207. in the box and IP Deny would block any address starting with those numbers.

To Remove an IP Block

Select the IP address you wish to remove from the block list from the Remove IP Deny drop down list.