Addon Domains

Addon Domains provide a way for you to host multiple sites within your account. For instance if your main domain is and you wish to create another site for that is different than the first, you can use Addon Domain.

To create a addon domain on your site, there are 3 fields you must enter.

The first field is New Domain Name which is the name of the domain you wish to add to your site. If your main domain is and you are creating a new site for the New Domain Name would be

The second field is UserName/SubDomain Name. We suggest it is something similar to the new domain name, in our example we will put yourotherbiz in this field. Notice we did not put the .com extension on it, this would mess up the function of addon domains and the ability to properly log into it with ftp etc.

The third field is Password. This is so you can allow seperate FTP access to the new domain and not give that login access to your main site.

Once you have filled in the 3 fields click on the Add button and the server will create the new addon domain in your site. It will have a cgi-bin directory for its own cgi scripts and will now let you add seperate email accounts for that domain through the E-Mail menu. It also creates a seperate FTP login for that domain. Please note that Frontpage does not work through that login as Frontpage needs to work through the master domain for your account. If you need Frontpage access with your new domain, you need to purchase a seperate site for it.

To ftp to your new addon domain you would put in the ftp address field
yourotherbiz as the username
and the password that you entered in the password field. Then when you connect it would be solely to the new domains site.

NOTE: You will need to set the nameservers at the new domains registrars to the same nameservers as your main domain is set to.