Using Frontpage for your site

Short tutorial on using Frontpage with your site.

Getting Started with FrontPage
Restrictingaccess (protecting pages)
HelpfulFrontPage Links
Accessing youraccount via Front Page:

The FrontPage extensions must be installed before you begin to work withFrontpage. If you have not done so already, click on the FrontPage button inyour control panel and install the extensions.

You will be asked for a user name and password. The first time you use FP, youwill need to enter the FTP/SSH/CP user name and password. Later, you can changethe FP password so that it is different from the FTP/SSH/CP password, ifdesired.

1. After booting Front Page, you will probably be presented the screen below.Click on “Open Existing FrontPage Web” , and then click on “MoreWebs…”

2. At “Select a Web server of disk location:” put in your domain nameYou do not need to put in the “www” before it.

3. Click on List Webs to show the FrontPage webs.

4. Choose the sub-web you wish to edit.

Publishing with FrontPage: click “Publish” button.
[When you upload a web to your server with the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard,your FTP Server is just your domain name. The directory path should be leftblank.]

Before following the directions below: Open the Front Page Browser by selectingopen from the tool bar and the selecting open folder. The folder would be namedafter the IP address or what ever address was used to publish the pages to theweb. This allows you to work with your page will it is on the Server. Then thesecurity option under tools will no longer be greyed out and you can thenselect it and proceed with the the directions below:

If you want to restrict access to directories, you have to turn thesubdirectories into SubWebs and use FrontPage’s access restrictions:

1. Create the subweb by doing File –> New –>FrontPage Web .
2. Select Import an existing web.
3. Choose a title for your web. Since you can only restrict access to a webthat’s on the server, be sure you change the path so that it is going to theInternet location. Click ok.
4. It will start the process to make the new web.
5. The Import Web Wizard will come up. Select From a World Wide Website. In the location box, put in the path to the specific directory, forexample, http://$ . This will get only that directory, andnot the whole web. Click next.
6. This is where you limit the amount of information you will receive. Unlessyou know your pages are more extensive than these defaults, just leave it atthe default and click next.
7. Click finish and wait a few minutes as the content copies over.

At this point, you have all your information in a new web. Now you can set upthe restrictions.
1. In the FrontPage Explorer, click on Tools –> [Security –>]Permissions…
2. Select use unique permissions for this web. Click apply at thistime.
3. Click on the users tab.
4. Select only registered users have browse access.
5. Add any users you need, and then click ok.

Here’s some links to good support sites: