HTML Email Tags

Tags that you can use for email on your HTML pages. We do recommend using a form for feedback from your site, as email addresses are routinely harvested from web pages by spam mongers.

E-mail is one of the easiest ways for aninternet user to contact you. With these E-mail tips and tricks we hope to makeit even easier.

I assume you knowthe basic mailto: structure. So if your E-mail address was mark@DogGear.Net,the mailto: syntax would be:

Code 1:

E-mail Me

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E-mail Me

Notice how it opens a blank E-mail addressed to mark@DogGear.Net. Ifyou know what you want the subject, body, cc, or bcc to say, you can save theinternet user time by entering it for him.

Here is the syntax:

  • ?subject=Enter Subject Here
  • ?cc=Enter Carbon Copy Here
  • ?bcc=Enter Blind Carbon Copy Here
  • ?body=Enter Body Here


Let’s say you have a weekly newsletter. To subscribe, you needan E-mail that basically says please send me your weekly newsletter. If yourE-mail address was mark@DogGear.Net the tag would look likethis:

Code 2:

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If you want the body to say please send me your weekly newsletter andthe subject to say subscribe. The tag would look likethis:

Code 3:


By adding that (in red), I am able to fill as many of the E-mail’sfields as I want.

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Here is an example using all the E-mail tips from thispage:

Code 4:


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