Setting Up Eudora

Configuring the Eudora email client

If you are configuring your own personal version of Eudora, simply launch the application by double clicking on the Eudora icon. Select “Tools” from the menu bar and then choose “Options”. You will see a series of dialog boxes where you will be able to configure Eudora to your specifications.
Getting Started
  • Real Name: Whatever you’d like to show up in the “From” field.
  • Return Address: Your full email address, for people to reply to.
  • Mail server:
  • Login Name:

Checking Mail
  • Mail Server:
  • Login Name:
  • Check for mail every: Standard is 15 minutes, but 0 minutes is recommended when viewing mail “off-line”.
  • Save Password: Check this box so you won’t have to type in a password everytime you log in.

Incoming Mail
  • Server Configuration: POP should be selected.
  • Leave Mail on Server: This box should be left unchecked.
  • Authentication Style: Password.

Sending Mail
  • Return Address: Eudora will put in the same email address as listed in “Getting Started.”
  • Domain to add to unqualified address: Your domain.
  • SMTP Server: Use your ISP’s SMTP server.
  • Immediate Send: Uncheck this box if you work off-line most of the time, and check the “Send on check” box.
  • Stationary: If you set up a stationary you want to use as your default, indicate that here.
  • Signature: If you set up a Standard or other signature you want to use as a default, indicate it here.


In this section, you may choose the options which best suit your needs. By default they are left blank.


Choose MIME.
By default, Eudora will place attachments in the Attach folder. If you wish to set up a different location, you may do so my clicking in the box and setting up your own attachment location. Many people prefer to create a folder/directory on the hard drive so they can access any attachments directly from that folder. You will see this set-up in the example.