Modify MX Entry

CPanel manages your email through its own mail server. However, by altering your MX (Mail Exchange Record) Entry you can point your email to another mail server, if this is required.

Note: CPanel will not be able to manage your email if you change your MX Entry setting.

To alter your MX Entry setting:

  1. Click on the Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) link in the Mail Menu area.

  2. Click on the Change a MX Entry link.

  3. Enter the domain name of the new MX Entry in the available field.

    Note: You can only change the entry to a domain name (e.g., not an IP (Internet Protocol) address.

  4. Click on the Change button button.

    Note: You can change the MX Entry back to its default settings by clicking on the Reset to Default button button.

Altering your Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) setting