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5 Tools Every Web Developer Should Have

Web development is a very satisfying job but can be very tedious with all of the coding and testing you have to do. Different tools can make this job much easier no matter what you are coding, whether it is… Continue reading

How to Design an Effective Web Site

1. Introduction

A web-site can be a very handy and useful tool to almost anybody these days. Before one begins to design or build a web-site it is very important to understand your reason for building a web-site. Websites are… Continue reading

The Best Open Source Scripts on Php/mysql

Here are the best open source scripts that are top rated by users.They are categorized into different category as CMS(Content management system) or called as portals,Blogs,ecommerce,groupware,forums,elearning,image galleries,wiki and many more.

We have produced the 3 top ranked listing in each… Continue reading

Webmaster Tips to Improve Link Structure of Your Website


Internal linking structure is commonly known as website navigation and it is an important part of a Search Engine Optimization. Internal linking is a fundamental requirement for your end user and search engine spiders. Logical and intuitive navigation helps… Continue reading

Changing one single Onpage optimization factor can really boost your rankings

The first thing we need to do is select a page Title for our website. The page title should: Include ONLY our main keywords. The least amount of words you can place in the title, the more weight Google will… Continue reading

Web Design Optimization

Is it possible to have an attractive website and still be optimized for search engines? The answer is absolutely yes! Of course we tend to be mis-guided about what will dazzle the visitor. It is not necessary to overwhelm your… Continue reading

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