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How to transfer files using FTP

NOTE: You can also upload files via yourcontrol panel, go to “FILE MANAGER” and follow the prompts. Continue reading

Controlling FTP Sessions

You can view and terminate FTP sessions using the provided FTP session controls. Continue reading

Anonymous FTP

Anonymous FTP is disabled on all accounts due to hacker abuse consuming our customers bandwidth. It is much better for the site owner to control access to FTP files by creating an FTP account and giving the login info to those who need it. If you have a file you wish the public to download, you can put a link on your web page to it. Continue reading

FTP Accounts (Manage Accounts)

An FTP account creates a folder on the public_html level of your site that allows external users that know the password to upload and download files from that location. Continue reading


The FTP area deals with all the tools relating to setting up and managing FTP accounts, as well as managing FTP sessions. Continue reading

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