Perl & CGI

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How to use the CGI Center in X3 Video

How to install scripts with the X3 Control Panel CGI Center Continue reading

CGI File Permissions

CGI stands for “Common Gateway Interface,” a fancy name meaning computer programs running on the web server that can be invoked from a www page at the browser. Simply uploading a cgi script will not make it work, you must set the correct permissions. Continue reading

Perl File Extensions

Your Perl scripts can use the extension .pl or .cgi. Perl scripts that are going to produce output to the Web (world readable) should use the extension .cgi. Perl scripts that are only meant to be executed by yourself via the command line or scripts which may be executed through the Web without any output should be set to the .pl file extension. Continue reading

What Directories must perl run in?

You may use a directory named “cgi-bin” or any directory you wish for your Perl scripts, as long as the directory has the proper permissions. Continue reading

What is my Perl Paths?

What is my Perl Path? Continue reading

What Perl version does my account have?

What Perl version does my account have? And what perl modules are installed? Continue reading

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