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Why Learn PHP and MySQL?

PHP today is the most widely used back-end programming language used on the Web. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open source language, which effectively means it is free to use, it’s very well supported with tons… Continue reading

Top the Ten Reasons for Learning Damn Small Linux – Number 5, Linux, Apache, and Mysql

Linux and Windows share many characteristics. For example, most people have little interest in knowing how they work. These operating systems make the computer available for the applications that people want to apply; such as running an Internet server, browsing… Continue reading

Master Effective MySQL Management with New phpMyAdmin Book

Packt is pleased to announce a new book that provides a step-by-step tutorial for phpMyAdmin, explaining and demonstrating the potential of this tool with clear instructions and screenshots. Written by Marc Delisle, a member of the MySQL Developers Guild, Mastering… Continue reading

Reverse Engineering MySQL Database Driven Applications on Windows

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You’ve just started a new job, you need to hit the ground running and quickly, but the rest of the team are “too busy” with their work and you don’t want to keep pestering your… Continue reading

Repairing of Mysql data

MySQL database is the world’s most popular open source database because of its high reliability, fast performance, simple to use and dramatic cost savings. MySQL is part of a large and growing family of open source software including Linux, Apache,… Continue reading

Mysql and Lamp Software

MySQL is the most widely used database management system. Even relatively inexperienced people can use this software on its own or as part of dynamic web sites for virtually any database application under the Sun (this is an inside joke… Continue reading

Why Learn Mysql

MySQL is the most commonly used database management language. With this program even inexperienced programmers can create and modify databases that contain multiple tables. For example, a database for a personnel-staffing organization might contain several tables including a table of… Continue reading

Mysql Schema in C#

Figure 1.0: Screenshot of MySQL Utility.

This article covers how to talk to MySQL database and extract the schema from it.

As many of you know, MySQL  is an open source database. It is free for non-commercial purposes. This… Continue reading

Php and Mysql Training

The recent boom in field of Information Technology has seen a steep rise in the demand of trained professionals in PHP and MySQL. Software companies specializing in php mysql web development are always searching for skilled professionals for recruitment in… Continue reading

MySQL Turbo Manager and Dream Coder – Powerful Software Products for Process Development

The success and the longevity of any prominent business nowadays depend on powerful application infrastructures and effective, reliable management and development solutions. In present, a wide range of IT companies are striving to provide business owners with better application management… Continue reading

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